Norsca Weather Table

Den lenge ettererspurte Norsca værtabellen er omsider på plass. I ordinære seriespill kan man benytte denne værtabellen dersom begge spillere samtykker. Under Norse Bowl 7’s Cup I vil den derimot være obligatorisk for alle kamper.

Norsca Weather Table

2d6 Result
2 Cold snap: Slippery ice means that all players may to Go For It one extra time per turn. Hard falls provide a +1 bonus to all injury rolls, and the ensuing threat of hypothermia imposes a -1 on rolls to recover from being KOed.
3 Mud and sludge: Players may Go For It one time less than normal each turn. The sludge softens the fall, giving a -1 penalty to all Armour rolls.
4 Rain: Rainfall imposes -1 penalty on all rolls to pick up, catch or intercept the ball. If the weather changes as a result of a kick-off event, subtract 1 from the next weather roll.
5‑9 Nice: Perfect Norse Bowl weather.
10 Snowfall: Reduced visibility imposes a -1 to all pass rolls. If the weather changes as a result of a kick-off event, add 1 to the next weather roll.
11 Snow drifts: Soft piles of snow forms throughout the pitch, potentially breaking the fall when players go down. Each coach gets d3 Apothecaries or Igors (whichever the coach could normally induce) to represent that falls were on not as bad as they seemed. However, the snow imposes -1 on all rolls made to Go For It.
12 Blizzard: Wind and flying snow reduces visibility to almost nothing. All short, long and long bomb passes inaccurate (unless they were fumbled). Even other players are harder to see, adding +1 to all Dodge rolls.

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