Norse Bowl 7’s Cup 3

The playoffs are just around the corner, and the Norse Bowl 7’s Cup will be held Saturday and Sunday, the 29th and 30th.

To qualify, participating teams must have played at least as many matches in season 3 as there are opposing teams. As everyone has played more than 4 matches, all teams currently participating in the season will qualify for the tournament.

The quarterfinals will be held on Saturday, with time allowed for one last season match early in the day. The semifinal, qualifier match and final will be played on Sunday.

As there are five active teams the top ranked player will automatically qualify for the finals, the rest of the teams will compete to be the challengers in single elimination with matchups decided by group seeding. The second and third ranked teams will be paired at random against the fourth and fifth in the standings. The winners will face off in the semifinal for a spot in the final against the highest ranked team. The losers will meet in the qualifier, to decide the fourth and fifth place in the tournament. Matchups for the quarterfinals will be rolled immediately before kickoff.

We aim at starting 17.00 both days.

The following rules will be used for the tournament:

  • The kick-off table will be changed to the one used in NAFs official Blood Bowl 7’s rule set. Will be described in a separate announcement.
  • The Norsca weather table will be used in all matches.
  • Inducement rules will be as follows: After calculating petty cash the player with the highest Team Value may spend money from their treasury to buy inducements. Then the player with the lower Team Value may spend money to add to their petty cash. Finally, the player who spent less money recieves petty cash equal to the difference between the amounts spent (not including petty cash recieved from having a tower TV). This means however much money is spent, each teams Team value plus their inducement money will be equal.
  • Winnings for the final are doubled for both teams.

In addition, we remind you that star players and merceneraries cannot be induced in a playoff tournament.

So come one, come all, good luck and roll well, and may Nuffle have mercy on your ball carriers round 12 GFIs.

The committee


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