NBUC: round 2 results and round 3 matches

Second round is over with the following results…

Ullern Gatorades vs. Greenskin Urmy: 1-0
Deploraballers vs. Roma Dictatoribus: 3-2
Viltnemda vs. Snorres Nurglings: 1-1

…giving us the following rankings:

NR Team Points TDD TD CasD Cas
1 Ullern Gatorades 4 2 3 0 1
2 Viltnemda 3 1 2 2 2
3 Snorres Nurgle 3 0 1 0 0
4 Deploraballers 2 0 4 -1 2
5 Greenskin Urmy 2 0 2 2 3
6 Bulmers Buxom Bikini Babes 2 -1 0 -2 0
7 Roma Dictatoribus 0 -2 3 -1 1

Matchups for next round:

Ullern Gatorades vs. Viltnemda
Snorres Nurgle vs. Deploraballers
Greenskin Urmy vs. Bulmers Buxom Bikini Babes
Roma Dictatoribus gets a buy.

Please try to get the match scheduled and played by the 14th, or ask the commissioner for an extension if you know you can’t.

Stats for this weeks matches:

Gatorades: +1 fan factor, 10k winnings, Peter Thomas(1xTD, 1xCas), Hans Christian(MVP, +block)
Greenskins: Pre match(hire apothecary), -1 fan factor, 10k winnings, Genrul Idjit(1xCas, MVP, +piling on)
Deploraballers: -1 fan factor, 50k winnings, Betsy Tha DeVa(MNG), 2Pence(2xTD, +dodge), Biggie Smallhands(2xComp, +accurate), jKush(1xTD, +dodge), Prince Moranion(2xCas)
Roma: 40k winnings, Titus(2xTD, MVP, +sprint), Domitian(1xComp), Aug(1xCas), Galba(DEAD)
Viltnemda: -1 fan factor, 20k winnings, Ungfole Frisk(1xTD, MVP, +strip ball)
Nurgle: 30k, Prestigor(1xTD, MVP, +dodge)


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