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Stygia All-Stars vs. Vollebekk Vermin: 2-1

Season 2 | Match 18

A very even match, until the last few turns there the Vermin Failed all rolls and Man Eater beaned the rat ogre.

All stars: +1 ff, 50k winnings, Stinky Beauty (1xCas, 1xTD, MVP, +Guard), Angel Face(1xTD), Man Eater(1xCas)

Vermin: 0k winnings, Leif Kleggenes(1xTD), Rune Hakkeskog(1xComp, 1xCas), Sigrid Rottisdotter(MNG), Randi Rusk(dead), Vidar Myhrgraup (MVP), -1 ff,


Columbia Coinflipers vs. Vollebekk Vermin: 2-1

Season 2 | Match 17

A frustrating match for the Vermin, but thankfully relatively bloodless.

Columbia Coinflippers: 70k winnings, +1 fan factor, Carly(2xTD, +Block), Hillary(MVP)

Vollebekk Vermin: 0k winnings, Rune Hakkeskog(1xComp), Leif Kleggenes(1xTD, MVP, +Side Step)

Svartalfheim Screamers vs. Viltnemda: 3-1

Season 2 | Match 14

In a mirror of their last match the Screamers and Viltnemda duke it out to the Screamers benefit.

Screamers: 30k winnings, journeyman (TD, MVP, +kick), Fenris Vargbiter (1 Comp), Ravn Vargbiter (2 TD) Athalrik (1 Cas), Post game (bought the journeyman, +70k)

Viltnemda: 60k, Sevjesprut (TD, MVP, MNG, +AG)

Svartalfheim Screamers vs. Viltnemda: 3-1

Season 2 | Match 13

The Screamers win yet again, further solidifying their position at the top of the charts. The fuckers.

Screamers: 20k winz, Fenris Vargbiter (2 TD, MVP, +sure hands), Ravn Vargbiter (1 Comp), Sigvard Leikarbane (1 TD, MNG)

Viltnemda: 30k, Sevjesprut (1 Cas), Ungfole Frisk (1 TD), Brunst Bekkerø (2 Comp), Duggfrisk Harding (MVP, +tackle)

Viltnemda vs. Stygia All Stars: 1-1

Season 2 | Match 12

The All Stars tie against Viltnemda in a sad display of senseless voilence. The marauder Leatherhead will likely never play again after his meeting with Tiurleik and his superior kung fu.

Viltnemda: 30k, Brunst Bekkerø (1 Comp), Tiurleik (1 Cas), Ungfole Frisk (1 TD, MVP, +dauntless)

All Stars: 50k, +fan factor, Big One Eye (1 Cas, MVP, +pro), Leatherhead (Nig, MNG), Stinky Beauty (1 TD, +block), Angel Face (1 Comp)

Svartalfheim Screamers vs. Stygia All Stars: 3-1

Season 2 | Match 9

The All Stars make another attempt to knock the Screamers down a peg, and fail in a miserable and pathetic fashion.

Screamers: 40k winnings, Fenris Vargbiter (2 TD), Athalvig (TD 1), Sigvar (MVP)

All Stars: -1 fan factor, 40k winnings, Angel Face (1 TD), Stinkty Beauty (MVP), Post game (New re-roll: -140k)