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Columbia Coinflippers vs. Ullern Gatorades: 0-0

Season 3 | Match 19

The Coinflippers mangle the Gatorades going into the playoffs, but do not get any touchdowns.

Coinflippers: 0k winnings, -1 fan factor, Bernie(2xCas), Lincoln(1xCas), Hillary(1xCas), Jeb!(MVP, +wrestle)

Gatorades: pre match(fire Joachim), 30k winnings, -1 fan factor, Carl Christoffer(MNG), Peter Thomas(MVP)


Svartalfheim Screamers vs. Roma: 3-2

Season 3 | Match 18

In an exciting match, with active participation from both Morg’n’Thorg and the fans, the screamers eke out a victory in their last match before the finals.

“Morg er en stor sterk gutt men han tror screening er noe man gjør på kino. Se og lær, min gode mann!” says blitzer Elfgrim Jernverge.

Screamers: 10k winnings, Elfgrim Jernverge(1xTD, MVP), Fenris Vargbiter(2xTD, +Fend)

Roma: 30k winnings, Galba(2xTD, +Mighty Blow), Augustus(1xComp), Titus(MVP, +Block)

Church of Ted vs. Roma: 2-1

Season 3 | Match 17

The emperors are defeated in a bloody brawl against the wolf impersonators.

Church of Ted: +1 fan factor, 60k winnings, Choir Pup(1xCas), Beast Baptist(1xCas, 1xTD, 1xComp, +dirty player), Angry Paladin(1xCas), Raging Bishop(1xTD), Grand Worg(MVP, +guard)

Roma: 40k winnings, Titus(1xTD), Galba(1xCas), Augustus(MVP, +wrestle), Tiberius(-AV)

Ullern Gatorades vs. The Church of Ted: 2-1

Season 3 | Match 15

In a match strangely lacking in lopsided dice or weird outcomes, the Gatorades win mostly due to superior play. The snobs.

Gatorades: pre match(fire Hans Christian, Victoria & Pauline, hire skink Joachim), 60k winnings, +1 fan factor, Joachim(MNG, -AG), Anine(1xTD), Benedicte(1xTD), Peter Thomas(MVP)

Church of Ted: 20k winnings, Raging Bishop(1xTD), Grand Worg(1xCas, MVP), Angry Paladin(1xCas)

Svartalfheim Screamers vs. Roma: 4-1

Season 3 | Match 11

While Roma gets the first one turn touchdown in NB7s memory, the Screamers still win with a great margin.

Screamers: 20k winnings, Fenris Vargbiter (1xTD), Elfgrim Jernverge(2xTD), Sigvar Leikarbane(1xTD, +Side Step), Ravn Vargbiter(MVP)

Roma: 50k winnings, Titus(1xTD, MVP, +MA), Vespasian(DEAD), post match(+1 re-roll)