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Norse Bowl Undercup results

The NBUC is over (a while a go), and the lucky winners are Ullern Gatorades!

This leaves us with the following rankings:

  1. Ullern Gatorades
  2. Deploraballers
  3. Greenskin Urmy
  4. Snorres Nurgle
  5. Viltnemda
  6. Roma Dictatoribus
  7. Bulmers Buxom Bikini Babes

Fan favorites

The following players has inspired fans and rival players through their performances on the pitch, and will be granted the Fan Favourite skill (with no adjustment to team value).

Best thrower (most passing completions: Biggie Smallhands

Best blocker (most casualties): Tiurleik, Peter Thomas, Genrul Idjit, Prince Moranion (the prince will not get his stats changed)

Best scorer (most touchdowns): Benedicte and 2Pence

The stars will keep the Fan Favourite skill until the end of the next undercup. Congratulations to trainer Collett, and we’ll see you all next time.


Stats for the final match

Gatorades: +1ff, 10k winnings, Anne Cathrine (1xTD), Peter Thomas(MVP)
Deploraballers: 40k winnings, Ban Boy(MVP)


NBUC: round 3 results and final

Round 3 is over, with the following results…

Greenskin Urmy vs. Bulmers Buxom Bikini Babes: 1-0
Ullern Gatorades vs. Viltnemda: concession
Deploraballers vs. Snorres Nurgle: 1-0
…giving us the following rankings:

NR Team Points Conc TDD TD CasD Cas
1 Ullern Gatorades 6 0 4 5 0 2
2 Deploraballers 4 0 2 5 -2 2
3 Greenskin Urmy 4 0 2 3 3 4
4 Snorres Nurgle 3 0 -1 1 1 1
5 Viltnemda 3 1 -1 2 2 3
6 Roma Dictatoribus 2 0 -2 3 -1 1
7 Bulmers Buxom Bikini Babes 2 1 -1 0 -3 0

Matchup for the final:

Ullern Gatorades vs. Deploraballers

Good luck to coaches Collett and Vestersjø, give ’em hell, try to schedule your match at a time when as many people as possible can spectate.

Stats for this weeks matches:

Greenskins: +1 fan factor, 80k winnings, Genrul Idjit(1xCas), Privvut Stab(1xTD, MVP, +diving tackle)
Bikini-Babes: Pre match(hire apothecary), 60k winnings, Brianna Burns(MVP)
Gatorades: 70k winnings, Benedicte(2xTD, +AG), Peter Thomas(1xCas, MVP)
Viltnemda: -1 fan factor, Løpetid(1xCas)
Deploraballers: Pre match(hire apothecary), +1 fan factor, 70k winnings, 2Pence(1xTD, -AG), T.Rex(DEAD), Ban Boy(MVP, +dodge
Snorre: 10k winnings, warrior(1xCas, MVP, +tackle), post match(free rotter: T-Rex)

NBUC: round 2 results and round 3 matches

Second round is over with the following results…

Ullern Gatorades vs. Greenskin Urmy: 1-0
Deploraballers vs. Roma Dictatoribus: 3-2
Viltnemda vs. Snorres Nurglings: 1-1

…giving us the following rankings:

NR Team Points TDD TD CasD Cas
1 Ullern Gatorades 4 2 3 0 1
2 Viltnemda 3 1 2 2 2
3 Snorres Nurgle 3 0 1 0 0
4 Deploraballers 2 0 4 -1 2
5 Greenskin Urmy 2 0 2 2 3
6 Bulmers Buxom Bikini Babes 2 -1 0 -2 0
7 Roma Dictatoribus 0 -2 3 -1 1

Matchups for next round:

Ullern Gatorades vs. Viltnemda
Snorres Nurgle vs. Deploraballers
Greenskin Urmy vs. Bulmers Buxom Bikini Babes
Roma Dictatoribus gets a buy.

Please try to get the match scheduled and played by the 14th, or ask the commissioner for an extension if you know you can’t.

Stats for this weeks matches:

Gatorades: +1 fan factor, 10k winnings, Peter Thomas(1xTD, 1xCas), Hans Christian(MVP, +block)
Greenskins: Pre match(hire apothecary), -1 fan factor, 10k winnings, Genrul Idjit(1xCas, MVP, +piling on)
Deploraballers: -1 fan factor, 50k winnings, Betsy Tha DeVa(MNG), 2Pence(2xTD, +dodge), Biggie Smallhands(2xComp, +accurate), jKush(1xTD, +dodge), Prince Moranion(2xCas)
Roma: 40k winnings, Titus(2xTD, MVP, +sprint), Domitian(1xComp), Aug(1xCas), Galba(DEAD)
Viltnemda: -1 fan factor, 20k winnings, Ungfole Frisk(1xTD, MVP, +strip ball)
Nurgle: 30k, Prestigor(1xTD, MVP, +dodge)

NBUC: round 1 results and round 2 matches

The first round of matches has been played with the following results.

Ullern Gatorades vs. Roma Dictatoribus: 2-1
Greenskin Urmy vs. Deploraballers: 2-1
Viltnemda vs. Bulmers Buxom Bikini Babes: concede

We end up with the following rankings:

NR Team Points TDD TD CasD
1 Greenskin Urmy 2 1 2 2
2 Ullern Gatorades 2 1 2 0
3 Viltnemda 2 1 1 2
4 Snorres Nurgle 2 0 0 0
5 Roma Dictatoribus 0 -1 1 0
6 Deploraballers 0 -1 1 -2
7 Bulmers Buxom Bikini Babes 0 -1 0 -2

Matchups for next round:

Greenskin Urmy vs. Ullern Gatorades
Viltnemda vs. Snorres Nurgle
Roma Dictatoribus vs. Deploraballers
Bikini Babes get a buy.

Stats for this weeks matches:

Gatorades: 40k winnings, +1 fan factor, Benedicte(1xTD), Peter Thomas(1xTD, +mighty blow), Hans Christian(MVP)
Roma: pre match(Hire thrower Domitrian & apothecary), 20k winnings, Titus(1xTD), Marcus Aurelius(MVP, +AG)
Urmy: 70k winnings, +1 fan factor, Capt’n Bouncypants(1xTD, MVP, +sure feet), Privvut Stab(1xCas), Privvut Kick(1xTD), Privvut Poke(1xCas)
Deploraballers: 40k winnings, Ban Boy(1xTD, MNG), jKush(MVP)
Viltnemda: 20k winnings, +1 fan factor, Tiurleik(2xCas), Brunst Bekkerø(MVP, +block), Ungfole Frisk(1xCas)
Bikini Babes: Long-armed Lisa(-AV), -1 fan factor

Norse Bowl kick-off table

The following kick-off table will be used in Norse Bowl Undercup 2.

2d6 Result
2 Get the ref: The fans exact gruesome revenge on the referee for some of the dubious decisions he has made either during this match or in the past. His replacement is so intimidated that he can be more easily persuaded to look the other way. Each team receives 1 additional Bribe to use during the game. A bribe allows you to attempt to ignore one call by the referee for a player who has committed a foul to be sent off or a player armed with a secret weapon. Roll a D6, on a 2-6 the bribe is effective (preventing a Turnover if the player was ejected for fouling) but on a roll of a 1 the bribe is wasted and the call still stands. Each Bribe may be used once per match.
3 Riot: The trash talk between two opposing players explodes and rapidly degenerates involving the rest of the players. If the receiving team’s turn marker is on turn 6 for the half, both teams move their turn marker back one space as the referee resets the clock back to before the fight started. If the receiving team has not yet taken a turn this half the referee lets the clock run on during the fight and both teams’ turn markers are moved forward one space. Otherwise roll a D6. On a 1-3, both teams’ turn markers are moved forward one space. On a 4-6, both team’s turn markers are moved back one space.
4 Defensive shift: The players on the kicking team are allowed to move up to a total of 7 squares, divided among them as the coach decides. This is a free move and may be used to cross the Line of Scrimmage.
5 Perfect offense: The receiving team’s coach may reorganize his players (the new setup must still be a legal setup).
6 Cheering fans: Each team rolls a d6 and adds their FAME modifier and number of Cheerleaders. The team with a higher score gains a Team Reroll. In the case of a tie, neither side gets a reroll.
7 Changing weather: Make a new roll on the Weather table. Apply the new Weather roll. If the new Weather roll was a ‘Nice’ result then a gentle gust of wind makes the ball scatter one extra square in a random direction before landing.
8 Brilliant coaching: Each team rolls a D6 and adds their FAME modifier and number of Assistant Coaches. The team with a higher score gains a Team Re-roll. In the case of a tie, neither side gets a re-roll.
9 Quick snap: The offence start their drive a fraction before the defense is ready, catching the kicking team flat footed. All of the players on the receiving team are allowed to move one square. This is a free move and may be made into an adjacent empty square, ignoring tackle zones. It may be used to cross the recievers line of scrimmage.
10 Blitz!: The defence start their drive a fraction before the offence is ready, catching the receiving team flat-footed. The kicking team receives a free ‘bonus’ turn: however, the coach may only choose three players to perform an Action. The kicking team may use team re-rolls during a Blitz. If any player suffers a turnover then the bonus turn ends immediately.
11 Raging fans: Enraged fans fail to get onto the pitch, and instead attack the teams dugouts. Make an injury roll for each player in the KO and reserves boxes of both teams. A result of Stunned has no effect, a KO moves the player to the KO recovery box unless they were there already, and a Casualty moves the player to the Dead and Injured box as if they were Badly Hurt. Do not roll armour.
12 Bad habits: One player has partied a little too hard the night before the match and fails to get onto the pitch in time for the kick-off. Each coach rolls a D6 and adds their FAME to the roll. The team with the lower total is the one with the missing player. In case of a tie both teams are missing a player. Decide randomly which player to remove from the pitch, the coach plays with the remaining players in whatever positions they were set up in.

Norse Bowl Undercup 2

Wednesday the 14th we’ll kick off the second Undercup, and play the first round of matches if possible. Teams of any value can enter, though high value teams should consider avoiding raising their TV further if they want to participate in next season. The cup will use the following rules:

  • Swiss format with bracket pairings: The tournament will consist of three rounds of matches followed by a final. The first rounds pairings are chosen at random, in later rounds teams are paired against the one closest to them in the rankings, with a buy going to the lowest ranked team if we get an odd number of players. Finally the two highest-ranked teams meet in the final.
  • The first rounds matchups will be determined and announced on the 14th, later rounds whenever the previous has been finished. Coaches must plan and play their matches within one week of the match being announced, unless the previous round ended early in which case the extra time carries over. If a coach fails to plan their match or fails to show up for the entire week they lose on walkover, counting as a concession for all purposes. If both teams fail to plan or play they both suffer the effects of a loss by concession. If both teams have tried to plan their match but failed to find a time where both are available, they can choose between getting an automatic draw with points, winnings and MVPs, or asking the commissioner for more time to get their match played. The extension will be adjudicated as the commissioner sees fit.
  • 2-1-0 points. A victory awards 2 points, a draw awards both teams 1 point. If two teams are tied for the most points, the highest rank is decided by the following tiebreakers: lowest number of concessions, touchdown difference, touchdown total, casualty difference, casualty total. In the unlikely event these are not enough to rank all players, go through the sums of the same statistics for all of a teams opponents, in the same order. If the teams are still not ranked, resolve remaining ties in the favor of the team with the best fluff, decided by consensus and probably a lot of shouting.
  • Spiralling expenses begin at 800 TV, and increases with every 100 TV.
  • A Norse Bowl 7’s kick-off table has been designed, and will be used and tested in the NBUC. It will be described in a separate announcement.
  • The Norsca weather table will be used for all matches, and has gone through some slight changes.
  • In the final, both teams have double the number of spectators, earn double the amount of gold, and get to reroll the Fan Factor roll during the post match sequence if they want to. Star players and Mercenaries cannot be induced for the final.
  • In addition to fame, glory and a lot of gold, the winner of the final get a trophy that adds 50k to their petty cash whenever they’re playing against a team with a higher Team Value.
  • After the final the players with the most touchdowns scored, most casualties inflicted or most passes completed among all teams get the skill Fan Favourite, with no addition to their value. If more than one player is tied for one of these records all of them gets the skill. All previously existing Fan Favourite awards will be removed.

So far it seems everyone plans to show up on the 14th, but if anyone do not they can still participate in the event as long as they announce their interest and what team they are playing. If they plan to enter a new team the teams race and name must be announced, but its exact composition can be worked out later.

So everyone come, play and be merry, and bash each others players into the imaginary snow.

Trainer Nordheim