Current members of the committee:

  • Peter Collett
  • Håkon Nordheim
  • Martin Skullerud

Martin Skullerud is the leagues commissioner.

You can contact the committee by filling out the form below:

If you are sending in a match report, copy and paste the following, replacing the fields in [brackets].

[Team A] vs. [Team B]
Result: [Team A touchdowns] – [Team B touchdowns]
Passing completions: [player name (number of completions)]*
Interceptions: [player name (number of interceptions)]*
Casualties: [player name (number of casualties)]*
Touchdowns: [player name (number of TDs)]*
MVP awards: [team A MVP, team B MVP]
Winnings: [Team A winning, team B winnings]
Fan factor changes: [Team A ff, team B ff]
Miss next game: [player who’ll miss the teams next game]*
Stat decreases: [player name, stat decrease]*
Kills: [dead players namer]*
Hirings: [Team A players and staff hired, team B hirings]
Firings: [Team A players and staff fired, team B firings]