Ullern Gatorades vs. The Church of Ted: 2-1

Season 3 | Match 15

In a match strangely lacking in lopsided dice or weird outcomes, the Gatorades win mostly due to superior play. The snobs.

Gatorades: pre match(fire Hans Christian, Victoria & Pauline, hire skink Joachim), 60k winnings, +1 fan factor, Joachim(MNG, -AG), Anine(1xTD), Benedicte(1xTD), Peter Thomas(MVP)

Church of Ted: 20k winnings, Raging Bishop(1xTD), Grand Worg(1xCas, MVP), Angry Paladin(1xCas)

Svartalfheim Screamers vs. Roma: 4-1

Season 3 | Match 11

While Roma gets the first one turn touchdown in NB7s memory, the Screamers still win with a great margin.

Screamers: 20k winnings, Fenris Vargbiter (1xTD), Elfgrim Jernverge(2xTD), Sigvar Leikarbane(1xTD, +Side Step), Ravn Vargbiter(MVP)

Roma: 50k winnings, Titus(1xTD, MVP, +MA), Vespasian(DEAD), post match(+1 re-roll)

Ullern Gatorades vs. Roma: 2-1

Season 3 | Match 9

The Gatorades bank a win against the rookies, but Roma does manage to earn some much needed SPP.

Gatorades: +1 fan factor, +30k winnings, Victoria(1xTD), Christian August(1xTD), Peter Thomas(MVP)

Roma: Pre match(fire Otho), 70k winnings, Galba(1xTD, 1xComp, MVP, +tackle), post match(hire catcher Titus & thrower Vespasian)