In this league we use the NAF-approved LRB6 Blood Bowl rules, supplemented by our own Norse Bowl 7’s variant rules. These documents are available here:

The rules for season 4 were ratified by the Norse Bowl 7’s rules committee April 4, 2018.
Last edited April 6, 2018.

  1. Preamble
    Norse Bowl 7’s League (NB7L or the NB7-league) is a league for Norse Bowl 7’s, a homebrewed, lightweight variant of the miniatures game Blood Bowl. The league is sponsored by St. Hanshaugen spillforening.
  2. Organization
    The highest authority of the league is the committee. Day-to-day executive decisions are made by a commissioner who is elected by and from the committe. The commissioner has all conceivable authorizations, but the committee may overturn his decisions.
  3. The teams
    The remaining members of the league are the teams, as led and represented by a coach. Anyone may be invited to enter a team in the league, but each coach may only enter one team. New teams may be invited to the league during the season. A coach who withdraws a team may be invited to enter a different team. In all cases, new team rosters must be submitted to the commissioner for approval. A team that has participated in previous seasons of the NB7L may be entered as long as its Team Value does not exceed 1000 000 and as long as it has at least 7 players who are fit to play at the time of its first match.
  4. The season
    a) The season consists of up to two matches between each participating team.
    b) Matches are scheduled and played by agreement between the participating coaches, at their discretion.
    c) Points are awarded as follows: Win – 5 points, draw – 3 points, loss – 1 point.
    d) If a coach has agreed to a match but fails to appear and play, his team forfeits the match. Matches won by walkover in this way award 5 points to the winner and 0 points to the loser.
    e) Matches need not be finished in one sitting, but a planned match must be finished before the involved teams may play in other matches. Un-played or unfinished matches at the end of the season award no points.
    f) There is no post-match sequence for un-played or unfinished games.
    g) If a team forfeits a match it earns no points, Winnings or MVP. It still earns any SPP generated by its players during the match.
    h) The committee will announce the dates for the start and end of the season. The end of the season will be followed by the playoffs.
  5. Reporting
    After every match the report must be sent through the contact form on the website. This report must include the final score as well as all changes to either team as a result of the match, pre-match or postmatch sequences. (Including injuries, Fan Factor, expenses and earnings, firings and hirings, SPP and advancements earned by the players, and updates on players’ casualty, interception, completion, touchdown and MVP statistics.)
    The contact form includes a suggested format for match reports.
  6. Equipment
    At the start of a match coaches must supply their own up-to-date team rosters, as well as playing pieces, miniatures or other suitable markers to unambiguously identify the players on their team.
  7. Disaster relief
    A team in free-fall may receive disaster relief by firing all its players and support staff, and forfeiting its entire treasury. The coach may then buy a new team of the same race with a new treasury of 650 000 gold. The team keeps its name, its results and its place in the standings.
  8. Withdrawn teams
    At any time, a coach can withdraw their team from the league. The withdrawn eam loses its place in the standings and forfeits the minimum number of matches necessary to make the group play even, including to teams which join the league later in the same season. Abuse of this option (collusion) will result in sanctions.  Withdrawn teams count towards the qualification procedure for the playoffs. Disqualified teams will receive equivalent treatment.
  9. The standings table
    The commissioner maintains the standings table on the basis of the match reports. The table ranks the teams by points won. In case of a tie on points, the first tiebreaker is touchdown difference. The second tiebreaker is tenure  -ties break in favor of the team with the higher standing over the greatest number of previous matches.
  10. Norse Bowl 7’s Cup
    An NB7L season ends with the Norse Bowl 7’s Cup playoff tournament. This is a single-elimination cup open to all teams which have played at least as many games during the season as there are other teams in the standings. For the first round of the cup, the teams in the top half of the standings are randomly paired with teams from the bottom half of the standings. In the second and later rounds, the top team in each bracket meets the bottom team. If there is an odd number of teams in the cup, the highest ranked team from the season gets a bye in the first round. No team can get multiple byes over the course of the cup.  The date of the playoff tournament is announced by the committee, typically about 3 months after the start of the season. Teams that are eliminated from the playoffs may play each other for rankings in the playoff tournament. Playoff matches do award winnings and SPP to teams which continue to later seasons.
  11. The trophy
    St. Hanshaugen spillforening, as part of its sponsorship of the league, will provide a trophy for the winner of the playoff tournament finals. A coach who wins the trophy three seasons running may keep the trophy thereafter. A trophy-holder who fails to return the trophy to the league commissioner before the next playoff tournament is obliged to provide a replacement.
  12. Free play
    In between seasons and tournaments teams may play matches freely between each other, counting for SPP, winnings and injuries just like league matches if both coaches agree. A team must have participated in at least one season of the NB7L, or one tournament arranged by the NB7L committee, to be eligible for free matches. A team may participate in up to five matches between the start of each such event, and may never play free matches while enrolled in a season or tournament (note that the cup starts immediately after the regular season concludes, so there is no room for free play in between for enrolled teams). Free play uses the same rules as regular league matches.
  13. Game rules
    League games will be played according to the latest edition of the Norse Bowl 7’s rules and Blood Bowl Living Rulebook 6, unless the committee decides otherwise. The responsibility for the development of Norse Bowl 7’s rests with the committee.
    The Spiraling Expenses threshold for the Norse Bowl 7’s league is 800 000, and the step size is 100 000.
  14. House rules
    a) All dice must be rolled in the open.
    b) Dice which land on the floor or are less level than the surface they land on, must be rerolled.
    c) The time limit per round may be waived if both coaches agree.
    d) The rules for handling illegal procedure may be disregarded if both coaches agree.
    e) The coin toss before the first kick-off of the match may be replaced with a dice roll at the request of either coach.
  15. Disputes
    The commisioner decides all rule disputes. The commissioner’s ruling may be appealed to the commitee. In league games where the commisioner is not in attendance, rule disputes shall be settled by dice roll, the result of which sets a precedent for the remainder of the match only.
  16. Sanctions
    The commissioner and commitee independently have full discretionary right to impose sanctions for any kind of undesirable behavior, including the right to ban or disqualify coaches from the league. As usual, a decision made by the commissioner may be appealed to the committee.
  17. Changes
    Changes to these league rules may be decided on by the commitee at any time. Changes apply from the time decided by the committee.

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