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Results from Norse Bowl 7s Cup 3

The playoffs are over and the winner has been crowned!

Winner: The Church of Ted
2nd place: Svartalfheim screamers
3rd place: Columbia Coinflippers
4th place: Ullern Gatorades
5th place: Roma Dictatoribus

Quarter finals

Columbia Coinflippers vs. Roma Dictatoribus: 2-1

While the weather and the crowd play a significant role in the outcome, muddy ground making running difficult and rocks being thrown at unsuspecting dictators, the Coinflippers win partly because of their strict adherence to a tried and true tactic; the Wall.

Coinflippers: 20k winnings, +1 fan factor, Carly(2xComp, 1xTD, MVP), Jeb!(1xTD)

Roma: pre match(fire Tiberius, hire lineman Marcus Aurelius), 40k winnings, Marcus Aurelius(1xTD), Galba(2xComp), Nero(MVP, +AG)

The Church of Ted vs. Ullern Gatorades: 2-1

The Gatorades start the match at a disadvantage, with a saurus out of commission and having to rely on skinks a lot more than they are accustomed to. The Church manage capitalize on this and among other achievements surf the ST5 saurus, and even though they make the spectacular mistake of forgetting to field their star berzerker in the second half they secure the semifinal spot.

Church: 10k winnings, Rage Bishop(2xTD, +guard), Immortal Fang(MVP)

Gatorades: pre match(hire skink Emile, skink Therese, returning saurus Hans Christian), 50k winnings, -1 fan factor, Benedicte(1xTD), Peter Thomas(MVP)


Screamers get a buy and advance


The Church of Ted vs. Columbia Coinflippers: 2-1

The Coinflippers fall to the (somewhat) dark horse, failing to enact their usual strategy of voilence and destruction against the fragile, frenzied fanatics.

Church: 50k winnings, +1 fan factor, Gospel Howler(1xTD), Angry Paladin(1xTD, MVP, +tackle)

Coinflippers: -20k winnings, Carly(1xComp, +strong arm), lincoln(1xTD), Hillary(2xCas, MVP), Donald(MNG)


Screamers get a buy and advance


Ullern Gatorades vs. Roma Dictatoribus: 2-1

The quarterfinal losers battle it out in the snow, resulting in a win for the lizards.

Gatorades: 50k winnings, +1 fan factor, Anne Cathrine(1xCas), Therese(1xTD), Benedicte(1xTD), Peter Thomas(MVP)

Roma: 40k winnings, Titus(1xTD), Nero(MVP)


Church of Ted vs. Svartalfheim Screamers: 2-1

After a gruelling match where the Screamers get every single blitzer removed from the pitch, and still keep a tie going into overtime, the church finally manage to drag out a victory. For the glory of Ted!

Church: pre match(spend 170k on inducements), 80k winnings, +1 fan factor, Angry Paladin(1xCas), Rage Bishop(1xTD), Immortal Fang(1xTD, MVP, +wrestle)

Screamers: pre match(spend 150k on inducements), 20k winnings, -1 fan factor, Ravn Vargbiter(1xCas), Fenris Vargbiter(1xTD), Elfgim Jernverge(MVP)

The Church of Ted goes home with the trophy, granting them gold, glory and a team reroll not counting towards team value for as long as they can hold the title.

Thanks for participating, everyone! Don’t get too discouraged by me crushing you all, you’ll get a chance to eviscerate my norsemen next season.


Columbia Coinflippers vs. Ullern Gatorades: 0-0

Season 3 | Match 19

The Coinflippers mangle the Gatorades going into the playoffs, but do not get any touchdowns.

Coinflippers: 0k winnings, -1 fan factor, Bernie(2xCas), Lincoln(1xCas), Hillary(1xCas), Jeb!(MVP, +wrestle)

Gatorades: pre match(fire Joachim), 30k winnings, -1 fan factor, Carl Christoffer(MNG), Peter Thomas(MVP)

Svartalfheim Screamers vs. Columbia Coinflippers: 2-1

Season 3 | Match 6

The Coinflippers hold their own for a while, but are once again bested by last seasons champions.

Screamers: +1 fan factor, 30k winnings, Ravn(2xTD, MVP), post match(bought 1 re-roll)

Coinflippers: -1 fan factor, 0k winnings, Donald(1xCas), Carly(1xTD), Hillary(MVP), post match(bought 1 re-roll)

Columbia Coinflippers vs. Ullern Gatorades: 2-0

Season 3 | Match 1

The season kicks off with a strong victory to the Coinflippers, and lots of pain to the Gatorades.

Coinflippers: +1 fan factor, 40k winnings, Hillary(2xCas), Donald(1xCas), Bernie(2xTD, MVP, +Tackle), Carly(1xComp)

Gatorades: -1 Fan Factor, 0k winnings, Anine(MNG), Carl Cristopher(MVP, +Guard)

Results From Norse Bowl 7s Cup 2


Columbia Coinflippers vs Stygia All-Stars: 1-0
Svartalfheim Screamers vs. Vollebekk Vermin: 3-1

Svartalfheim Screamers vs. Columbia Coinflippers: 2-1
Screamers won the trophy.

1st place: Svartalfheim Screamers
2nd place: Columbia Coinflippers
3rd place: Stygia All-Stars
4th place: Vollebekk Vermin
5th place: Viltnemda
6th place: Ullern Gatorades
7th place: Bulmers Buxom Bikini Babes
8th place: Not As Fat As Yesterday

Statictics from the semis:

Coinflippers: 20k winnings, Donald(2xCas, MVP), Bernie (1xCas), Hillary (1xTD)
All-Stars: 40k winnings, Angel Face(1xComp, Big One Eye(1xCas), Bat Person(MVP)
Screamers: 10k winnings, Ravn Vargbiter(MVP, 1xTD), Sigvard Leikarbane(2xTD)
Vermin: Vermin: 10k winnings, Jonas flått(1xTD), Klaus “Daukjøtt” Vander(DEAD), ?(MVP)

Statistics from the final:

Screamers: +1 fan factor, +100k winnings, Ravn Vargbiter(1xCas), Athalrik(1xTD), Fenris Vargbiter(1xTD, 1xComp, MVP)
Coinflippers: -1 fan factor, 0k winnings, Carly(1xTD), Hillary(MVP)